our story

the brothers behind the business

Christopher Matthies, owner

As owner of a thriving company, Chris (featured left) has embraced the art of balancing his increasing responsibilities. From budget analysis, to marketing and sales, to craft distilling, Chris is truly involved in every component of this company. In addition to his entrepreneurial drive with the distillery, Chris is also a dedicated Firefighter Paramedic as well as a loving husband and family man.

Brandon Matthies, head distiller

Known for his insatiable creative drive, Brandon (featured right) is not only Sonoma Brother’s head distiller, he is the driving force behind the company’s innovation, design, and unique thumbprint in the industry of craft spirits. Brandon not only dedicates his time to mastering the art of making exceptional spirits at the distillery, he is also a devoted Police Officer. If these two professions don’t keep him busy enough, Brandon is also a wonderful husband and father to his two children.

our drive

As brothers growing up in Sonoma County, Chris and Brandon acquired a love and appreciation for small family businesses at a young age. Spending their summers helping at their uncle’s family business, Olivier Napa Valley, taught them the value of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. It wasn’t until much later in life that Chris and Brandon took the leap of faith and followed in their family footsteps by opening their own company. With a drive to bring hand-crafted, authentic spirits to a county best known for wine, Sonoma Brothers hopes to carve their own niche into this region. Honoring integrity and quality of product, these twin brothers devote themselves to not only making spirits their customers can appreciate, but more importantly, creating a local, honest company their customers can believe in.

the women behind the brothers

Kelly and Tarryn

As wives of the business owner and head distiller, Kelly (right) and Tarryn (left) are no strangers to the phrase, “I’ll be home late."
With dinner dates now consisting of take-out and distilling machinery as romantic ambiance, Kelly and Tarryn have come to love their new roles as supportive partners in an exciting endeavor. Embracing the term ‘family owned and operated’, Kelly and Tarryn have gladly taken on the roles of helping in the Tasting Room, coordinating company events, and heading the Marketing Department for Sonoma Brothers Distilling. Whether it’s offering encouragement, celebrating successes, or managing the various marketing responsibilities, Kelly and Tarryn work alongside Chris and Brandon and share in their dedication to grow their family company.

distillery dogs...Max and Bailey