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Our four botanical Gin starts with the best quality neutral spirit, Sonoma Brothers Vodka. We then vapor infuse and macerate the highest quality, local, organic botanicals in our handmade pot still. After the distillation process is complete, we have a perfectly balanced gin with notes of fresh juniper, citrus, and other spices.


Made from all natural non-GMO grains and produced from a proprietary blend of corn, wheat, and specialty malted barley. Our balanced triple grain mash bill offers a smooth finish that is sure to impress. Flavors of vanilla and pepper will entice you at first sip and our smooth mouth finish will leave you intrigued and wanting more.


Our bourbon starts with our all natural GMO-free corn, wheat, and specialty malted barley. We then meticulously select only the finest quality spirit during the distillation process to place in new American oak casks. This complex bourbon has notes of cherry oak, dried fruits, spicy vanilla, and caramel.

rye whiskey

Comprised of a mash bill of rye, wheat, and a specialty malted barley. Just as with our bourbon, the distillate for our rye is meticulously handcrafted. We then age in heavy charred new American oak casks. This Rye has complexity well beyond its years with notes of butterscotch, vanilla, and citrus.

distiller's reserve

apple brandy

This limited release can only be found once a year at our distillery. We handpick fresh apples from a 100-year-old organic apple orchard in the hills of west Sonoma County. We then age this unique apple brandy in re-cooped Russian River Valley Pinot barrels. The result is a perfectly aged apple brandy unique to the area we call home.

grape brandy

Coming Soon.

white whiskey

Sonoma Brothers White Dog Whiskey is made from our signature bourbon mash bill. We leave it un-aged and bottled at 120 proof cask strength. This high proof whiskey has notes of sweet corn and vanilla. Enjoy this surprisingly smooth whiskey on its own, or pick up one of our barrel aging kits to age your own white dog whiskey.

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