The Brothers


Chris Matthies

As the owner of Sonoma Brothers, Chris first began working side-by-side with his brother, Brandon, in the distillery. Chris spent long days perfecting recipes, trying new distilling techniques, and learning to embrace the challenge of how to grow a business. As the demands of the business grew and evolved over the years, Chris found himself answering to an altogether new title-our numbers guy. Whether it’s financial analysis, distribution sales, or client contracts, Chris has the numbers.

In addition to his entrepreneurial drive with the distillery, Chris is also a dedicated Firefighter Engineer as well as a loving husband and father.

Director of Operations

Brandon Matthies

Known for his insatiable creative drive, Brandon is not only Sonoma Brother’s head distiller, he is the driving force behind the company’s innovation, design, and unique thumbprint in the industry of craft spirits. Whether it’s working endlessly to perfect spirit recipes, researching new techniques and equipment, or finding new ways to improve our label, Brandon never stops.  Together with Chris, Brandon challenges us to continuously rise to the next level, to not remain complacent, and to always strive for improvement.

Brandon is not only committed to mastering the art of crafting exceptional spirits, he is also a devoted Police Sergeant, wonderful husband, and father to his two children.

The Family