The Team

Office Manager

Kelly Matthies

As the wife of Owner, Chris Matthies, Kelly first participated in the family business by lending an ear and problem solving on the couch into the early hours of the morning. Today, Kelly manages the office as well as oversees Sonoma Brothers’ Sales and Marketing department. From working events to ordering supplies to photo staging for the company’s social media marketing, Kelly is every bit committed to this family business. When Kelly isn’t at the office, she spends her time designing home remodel projects, visiting with family and friends, and spending time with her son and husband.

Human Resources

Tarryn Matthies

Tarryn, wife of our Director of Operations, Brandon Matthies, has been a part of every growth, every struggle, every achievement Sonoma Brothers has experienced. With experience in both Administration and Human Resources, it was only natural that she offered her expertise to the family business. Today, Tarryn single handedly runs Sonoma Brothers’ Human Resources Department. On her days off, Tarryn loves being outdoors, traveling, and spending time with her family. Of all the things Tarryn enjoys doing, being a mom is her number one joy!

We don’t just train our employees

to do their job well, we challenge them and teach them how
to grow within the company and within the industry

Processing Manager

Austin Misner

Coming to Sonoma Brothers with an extensive background in welding and machine tool technology, Austin was eager to learn the equipment, as well as the science (and art) that makes small batch, handcrafted spirits unique. After only one year, Austin found himself handling all aspects of the distillation process and has quickly become part of the Sonoma Brothers family. When Austin isn’t blasting heavy metal rock music in the distillery, he loves rebuilding cars, off roading, and camping with his friends.

Distillery Associate

Mike Matthies

From bottling the first batch of vodka to labeling to taping up boxes, Mike has been with Sonoma Brothers from the very beginning. As Father to Chris and Brandon, Mike was excited to come work with his sons and be a part of building their dream of owning a business. Mike studied under Chris and Brandon, learned the techniques of distilling, and now he, and Austin, juggle the ever-growing demands of the distillery calendar. In Mike’s free time he loves volunteering at Jack London State Park and traveling with his wife and their RV. But above all, Mike loves spending time with his family and grandkids.